Doggles Mesh Eyewear - Orange

Doggles Mesh Eyewear - Orange

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Item#: 1412
Manufacturer: Doggles

Only the inventors of canine eye wear could bring you this innovative product! Here is the newest alternative in dog eye protection.

What makes it Special: The mesh eye wear is breathable, and still protects your pet from the sun's UV rays. The best part? It doesn't impair your dog's vision, still allowing them to see a full 270 degrees! The mesh eye wear is made of breathable UV mesh that filters out 50-60% of UV rays, while allowing for all day wear. It doesn't impair your dog's 270 degrees of vision (not 180 like humans). Elastic and adjustable straps hold the eye wear in place comfortably.

Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.
General Sizing Information: X-Small: 1-10 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 11.5-15" - Chin Strap: 9-10" - Breed example: Chihuahua, Pom Small: 9-25 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 13-16" - Chin Strap: 12-14" - Breed example: Beagle, Wes-tie Medium: 20-60 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 18-23" - Chin Strap: 15-18" - Breed example: Dalmatian, Border Collie Large: 50-100 Pounds - Head Strap and Frame: 20-24" - Chin Strap: 19-22" - Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever Size Length* Heigth* XS 6in/15cm 2.5in/6.4cm SM 7.5in/19cm 3.5in/9cm MD 9.5in/24cm 4in/10cm LG 12in/30.5cm 6in/15cm *Length is the measurement from one corner of the frame to the other (corner of eye to corner of eye). *Height is the measurement of the eye portion of mesh.

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