Reflector Dog Boots - Black

Reflector Dog Boots - Black

Our Price $48.97

Item#: 2404
Manufacturer: Doggy Style Design

These shoes are simply the best. They're great for hot pavement, snow, water or simply making a fashion statement.

What makes it Special: This Black Reflector Boots have reflective yellow trim with a lightweight rubber sole that's great for the hiking hound or any dog that requires style and toughness in their shoe. Makes your dog more visible at night or in harsh conditions. Zipper front and strap for added security. Set of four.

Sizing Information:
Size 0, Length: 1.875", Width: 1.25"
Size 1, Length: 2", Width: 1.25"
Size 2, Length: 2.375", Width: 1.5"
Size 3, Length: 2.5", Width: 1.75"
Size 4, Length: 2.75", Width: 1.75"
Size 5, Length: 2.875", Width: 1.875"
Size 6, Length: 3.25", Width: 2.25"
Size 7, Length: 3.75", Width: 2.5"
Size 8, Length: 4", Width: 2.75"

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