Muttluks Dog Rainsuit - Black

Muttluks Dog Rainsuit - Black

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Item#: 2587
Manufacturer: Muttluks

Keep your pup dry in wet weather with the Black Muttluks Rain Suit! Full coverage dog rain suit with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material at arm and leg cuffs. Zipper closure along back. Opening on belly allows for bathroom use. Elastic cuffs for a stay-on fit. **Muttluks boots (pictured) sold separately**

What makes it Special: It's a full Rainsuit and keeps them dry and warm. Easy to put on and take off and machine washable.

Sizing Guide: Measure in inches from the back of the collar, along the dog’s back, to the base of the tail. The length is the size appropriate to your dog. (Example: 10 inches = size 10).

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

Size 8 Chest: 14" (Most Important),Length: 9.5",Neck: 11",Front Pant Length 5.5 Back Pant Length 6.5
Size 10 Chest: 16" (Most Important),Length: 10.5",Neck: 11",Front Pant Length 6 Back Pant Length 7.75
Size 12 Chest: 17" (Most Important),Length: 12",Neck: 12.5",Front Pant Length 7 Back Pant Length 8
Size 12+ Chest: 18" (Most Important),Length: 12",Neck: 14",Front Pant Length 7.5 Back Pant Length 8.5
Size 14 Chest: 19" (Most Important),Length: 14",Neck: 12.5",Front Pant Length 8.5 Back Pant Length 9.5
Size 16 Chest: 25" (Most Important),Length: 15.5",Neck: 14",Front Pant Length 11 Back Pant Length 12.5
Size 18 Chest: 27.5" (Most Important),Length: 17",Neck: 16",Front Pant Length 11 Back Pant Length 12
Size 20 Chest: 30" (Most Important),Length: 19",Neck: 17",Front Pant Length 12.5 Back Pant Length 14
Size 22 Chest: 33" (Most Important),Length: 22",Neck: 20",Front Pant Length 15 Back Pant Length 16
Size 24 Chest: 33" (Most Important),Length: 23",Neck: 20",Front Pant Length 15 Back Pant Length 17
Size 26 Chest: 34" (Most Important),Length: 24",Neck: 22",Front Pant Length: 18.5" Back Pant Length: 21.5"
Size 26+ Chest: 38.5" (Most Important),Length: 24",Neck: 23",Front Pant Length: 19" Back Pant Length: 22"

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