All Weather Dog Boots - Black

All Weather Dog Boots - Black

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Item#: 3375
Manufacturer: Doggy Style Design

These sturdy fashionable and functional waterproof neoprene Black All Weather Dog Boots help to protect paws from the harsh winter elements of rain, snow, slush, mud and ice and ice melt. - All Weather dog boots feature a tough and sturdy but pliant and comfortable non-skid rubber sole that grips the ground even in the harshest conditions - Drawstring and cinch cord pulls the top of the boot snug to help keep the rain, snow and mud out and paws dry.

What makes it Special: They are easy to pull on and take off - The Velcro strip not only holds the boots firmly and snugly in place it also features a reflector stripe for safety at dusk and nighttime.

Available in sizes 1-8 to fit the smallest to the largest dogs - Comes in clear plastic zipper pouch in a set of 4
Size 1 - Length: 1.375", Width: 1.125"
Size 2 - Length: 1.625", Width: 1.375"
Size 3 - Length: 1.75", Width: 1.5"
Size 4 - Length: 2", Width: 1.625"
Size 5 - Length: 2.25", Width: 1.75"
Size 6 - Length: 2.375", Width: 2"
Size 7 - Length: 2.625", Width: 2.25"
Size 8 - Length: 2.75", Width: 2.375"
Size 9 - Length: 3", Width: 2"
Size 10 - Length: 3.125", Width: 2.5"

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