Pawgglys Dog Boots - Tan

Pawgglys Dog Boots - Tan

Our Price $30.97

Item#: 3379
Manufacturer: Doggy Style Design

This Tan Suede Boot was Modeled after a popular human boot style called Uggs.

What makes it Special: Is the Pawgglys Dog Boots are super comfy and so cute! Durable sole and velcro strap closure for snug fit.

Sizing Information:
Size 1, Length: 1.5", Width: 1.25"
Size 2, Length: 1.75", Width: 1.5"
Size 3, Length: 2", Width: 1.75"
Size 4, Length: 2.25", Width: 1.875"
Size 5, Length: 2.5", Width: 2"

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