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In addition to being fun and stimulating to cats, the Aikiou Stimulo helps to slow down digestion, it helps weight control, and feed the need to hunt and play. Rubber skid-resistant feet on bottom. Made of plastic. Dishwasher safe. Why We Love It: The Aikiou (pronounced I.Q.) Stimulo Cat Feeding Station was developed to not only stimulate and satisfy your cats drive to hunt and play (which helps lower stress and anxiety) but also to slow your cat's meal. Food is hidden inside the stations many compartments and is retrieved as your cat reaches his or her paw down into the tubes of various depths and difficulty. The station disassembles for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Sizing Information: Measures approx 12" x 12". 6 compartments that can hold 1/5 cup of food. 3 compartments that hold 1/3 cup of food. 3 compartments that can hold 1/2 cup.