Runner Dog Sneakers by Dogo - Black

Runner Dog Sneakers by Dogo - Black

Our Price $34.97

Item#: 4575
Manufacturer: DOGO

Soft sneaker that's comfortable and offers protection against outdoor elements.

What makes it Special: This Black Soft Sneaker features flexible non-slip rubber sole, adjustable Velcro strap, and water resistant Faux leather.

Approximate measurements can be seen below - dimensions are of the inner sole base (inches).
Sizing Information:
X-Small (Size 2) - 1.61" Length, 1.22" Width
Small (Size 3) - 1.81" Length, 1.38" Width
Medium (Size 4) - 2.01" Length, 1.54" Width
Large (Size 5) - 2.20" Length, 1.65" Width
X-Large (Size 6) - 2.40" Length, 1.81" Width

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