Zelda Pirate Halloween Dog Costume

Zelda Pirate Halloween Dog Costume

Our Price $28.97

Item#: 5846
Manufacturer: Paper Magic

Wow! This costume will make any Halloween party rock like a boat on the high sea! Just make sure you don't mess with this pooch. It is 100% polyester and machine wash cold separately, line dry foam.

What makes it Special: Look out! It's a pirate's life this Halloween! The Zelda Pirate Halloween Dog Costume is sure to delight this trick-or-treat season as your dog struts their stuff in classic pirate wear. This costume for dogs includes a pull-over shirt with tattered sleeves, tattered pull-on striped pants, and pirate hat with parrot. The hook is imprinted on a comfortable foam sleeve that slips over the loose sleeves of the shirt. Be sure to look at all our Zelda dog costumes!

**Please note: We do not take returns of costumes after October 15

Sizing Information:
Small Chest: 20" (Most Important) Length: 12" Neck: 16" Wig Chinstrap: 9", Wig Circumference: 15"
Medium Chest: 21" (Most Important) Length: 13" Neck: 19" Wig Chinstrap: 9", Wig Circumference: 20"
Large Chest: 23" (Most Important) Length: 16" Neck: 22" Wig Chinstrap: 8", Wig Circumference: 16"

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