FouFou Sidekicks Dog Shoes - Black

FouFou Sidekicks Dog Shoes - Black

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Item#: 6019
Manufacturer: Foufou Dog

Protect your pup's precious paws with the FouFou Sidekicks Dog Shoes from FouFou Dog! Feature Faux suede accents Zipper closure with Velcro ankle strap Sneaker style.

What makes it Special: The FouFou Sidekicks Dog Shoes in Black/White are sneaker style booties with sporty Faux suede accents. These shoes include a zipper in the front for ease, a Velcro strap, and the signature FouFou Dog rubber soles. They're a terrific solution to hot pavement, rain, mud, and dirt, plus they are ultra fashionable!

Sizing Information:
Size 0: 0.75" Width x 1.25" Length
Size 1: 1" Width x 1.75" Length
Size 2: 1.25" Width x 2" Length
Size 3: 1.5" Width x 2.5" Length
Size 4: 1.75" Width x 2.75" Length
Size 5: 2" Width x 3" Length

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