Jealousy Flower Remedy

Jealousy Flower Remedy

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Manufacturer: Azmira

Azmira's Jealousy Flower Remedy stabilizes the emotions and reduces negative thoughts that trigger emotional outbursts and/or destructive behaviors. This remedy is wonderful for dogs experiencing general or specific resentments. If you are introducing your dog to a baby, a new person, or a new pet, Jealousy Flower remedy will help to calm the negative feelings that plague them.

What Is In It?
Jealousy Flower Remedy includes 1/2 oz. of Dr. Lisa Newman's formula for feelings of jealousy and hurt. The active ingredients in this formula are Beech, Holly, Walnut, White Chestnut, and Willow.

How To Use It
Give 2 to 6 drops orally, 3 times a day between meals or mixed into the water dish. Initially, dose may be repeated every 5 to 15 minutes up to 1 hour as needed.