Signature Comfort Pet Carrier - Coral

Signature Comfort Pet Carrier - Coral

Our Price $54.97

Item#: 7392
Manufacturer: Bergan

Pamper your pet with this luxurious and comfortable carrier in pink from Bergan!  Durable base and stand-up sides Includes washable fleece travel bed Embroidered floral design Airline compliant on most airlines (check with your airline before traveling).

What makes it Special: The Signature Comfort Pet Carrier in Coral is perfect for travel with your pet! The Hyper Paw Barrier™ protects the zipper from digging paws and a uniquely designed front panel drops down to reveal a mesh wall for ventilation while resting. The Pet Connect™ allows pet owners to comfort their pets without worry of escape. A washable fleece travel bed maximizes comfort for you pet while Safety Belt Loops™ secure the carrier to the vehicle for added safety while traveling. 

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