Zanies Wobbly Wigglers Cat Toy

Zanies Wobbly Wigglers Cat Toy

Our Price $14.97

Item#: 7564
Manufacturer: Zanies

Cats won’t be able to keep their paws off our Zanies Wobbly Wigglers Cat Toy.

What makes it Special: It rocks, makes sounds, can be batted and more! Plush ball makes a "peep" sound. Base rocks back and forth. Base covered with polyester plush Wand has metal spring and plush ball with feathers on top. This interactive cat toy features a plush ball with feathers. When batted, the toy makes a unique "peep" sound that will keep cats entertained for hours. The base rocks back and forth and has a jingle lattice ball inside. Extra toys (not included) can be added inside.

Sizing Information: Base- 7"Length X 5 1/2"Width X 3 1/2"Height, Assembled with wand- 13 1/2"Height

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