Yard Pup Ultimate Dog Poop Scoop

Yard Pup Ultimate Dog Poop Scoop

Our Price $42.67

Item#: 9129
Manufacturer: 26 Bars and a Band

Keep your yard clean without breaking your back. Uses recycled grocery bag and trash bags. Finish repels corrosion and rust. Use year round.

What makes it Special: Nobody likes to clean up after their dog. Not only does the Yard Pup Dog Poop Scoop do the job quickly and cleanly, it saves you money by using recycled grocery bags. It can also use four gallon trash bags and tall kitchen trash bags. The 4-in-1 rake tool handles the business on grass, concrete, gravel or macadam. It can take nearly any punishment you throw at it because it’s made from durable sheet metal. It won’t rust when exposed to ice, snow or rain because the finish repels corrosion and rust. The bungee-in-track bag attachment stays firmly affixed until it’s time to dispose of the harvest. It hangs neatly on the wall of your shed or garage when not in use.

Sizing Information: 10" at Widest, 37.5" tall, 1.5" thick 2.25 lbs.

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