EPIKS  Revolutionary Dog Shoes -Patented Sole and Angle

EPIKS Revolutionary Dog Shoes -Patented Sole and Angle "Sale"

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Item#: EPIKS
Manufacturer: Gooby

Unlike other dog shoes, EPIKS utilize the differences in the shapes and angles of a dog's front and hind legs to create separate designs for both sets of paws.

What makes it Special: The EPIKS patented sole and angle (US patent No. 11.189.270) will roll the dog's paw resulting in a more comfortable and balanced stride. The secret to EPIKS lighter than air stride is the special memory foam insole combined with the Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) sole to reduce the load on a dog's legs and energize with each step.

Set of four.

Selecting Size and How to Train Your Pet to Wear Epiks Properly

  • If your dog has a medium-sized paw, it is better to err on the bigger side.
  • If the shoe does not fit the dog's paw perfectly, choose the shoe that fits the best.
  • For dogs that have never worn shoes before, it will take approximately one hour for the dog to become acclimated.
  • (dogs that wear shoes for the first time, often try to kick them off or are afraid to move)
  • If your dog is wearing shoes for the first time, do not have them wear the shoes for a long time; take them off after approximately one hour of wearing.
  • Instead, increase the length of time your dog wears the shoe in gradual increments.

Please provide a visual inspection of size for fit when you receive your item if you are not sure so that we can accept a return if you are unsure of the size. Thank you.

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