Geo-Mod  (Bell Bottom Sleeve)  Nylon Mesh Top  clearance

Geo-Mod (Bell Bottom Sleeve) Nylon Mesh Top clearance

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Item#: 03MM0380
Manufacturer: Gidget Gear

Our abstract Geo-Mod designed with the Diva-Dog in mind! Styled just like peoplewear, these unique fashions are bound to be a hit in your neighborhood. Retro, chic and classic! Sort by celebrities, you can now own your own.

Materials/Features: Nylon Mesh

Sizes: XXS-L

Size Information
For sizing, you may find the following a helpful guide for a quick assessment. Remember, all size charts are guides. Pets must be fitted individually.

  • XX-Small - Fits 2-4 lbs. dogs and puppies or kitties. Teenie and adorable.
  • X-Small - Fits around 4-7 lbs. or 8-10" waist. A wee bit bigger than teenie.
  • Small - 8-11 lbs. or so with a 11-13" waist.
  • Medium - around 13-18 lbs. with a 14-16" waist. (Bedlington terrier and similar dogs like Gidget)
  • Large - Smallish large dogs about 20-25 lbs with 16-18" waist.
  • X-Large - 30-35 lbs.
  • XX-Large - Fits up to 45 lbs.
Product Information-Gidget Gear By Tiki
Gidget herself (a charming Bedlington terrier) "paw-selects" all of the fabrics of this line. They must be fabulous, comfy, soft, washable and most of all, totally cool! Specialty items with really neat trims like feathers and fringe should be cleaned carefully. Made in the USA.