Rain Paw Dog Coat for Large Breeds too!

Rain Paw Dog Coat for Large Breeds too!

Our Price $25.99

Manufacturer: Golden Paw

Step out in the rain with confidence and peace of mind! The Rain Paw Dog coat is made of a soft stretchy knit on the outside, recycled poly mesh on the inside and is bonded to a waterproof-breathable layer in between.

What makes it Special: This Red lightweight Rain Dog Coat is easy to fasten on and off with velcro closures at the neck and chest. For proper sizing, measure your pet from the base of the neck to the base of the tail in inches. Machine Washable and Dryable. Made in the U.S.A.

Sizing Information:
Size 8 Chest: 13"-15" (Most Important),Length: 9.25",Neck: 10"-12"
Size 10 Chest: 15"-19" (Most Important),Length: 13",Neck: 12"-14"
Size 12 Chest: 17.5"-20" (Most Important),Length: 14.25",Neck: 15"-16"
Size 14 Chest: 20"-23" (Most Important),Length: 16",Neck: 15"-16"
Size 16 Chest: 22"-26" (Most Important),Length: 17.5",Neck: 16"-18"
Size 18 Chest: 22"-28" (Most Important),Length: 20.5", Neck: 16"-19"
Size 20 Chest: 25"-30" (Most Important), Length: 21.75", Neck: 16"-20"
Size 22 Chest: 26"-33" (Most Important), Length: 23.5", Neck: 18"-22"
Size 24 Chest: 29"-35" (Most Important), Length: 26",Neck: 19"-22.5"
Size 26 Chest: 32"-38" (Most Important),Length: 28.5",Neck: 14"-26"
Size 29 Chest: 33"-41" (Most Important),Length: 31.5",Neck: 20"-26"
Size 33 Chest: 35"-43" (Most Important),Length: 33", Neck: 22"-28"

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